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Why Confidence?


A Confident Mindset™ (ACM), is a confidence-building program for schools.
It helps all students develop unstoppable confidence as a practiced mindset, not an innate skill. ACM encourages students to say "why not" to opportunities.

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How it Works

What is A Confident Mindset™?

A Confident Mindset™ (ACM) is a program students to develop confidence to unlock their full potential. Our school program teaches children how to become confident systematically by possessing the three C’s: Courage, Character, and Commitment. ACM’s approach is rooted in the ideology that confidence is not a skill that students are born with, but a mindset that can be practiced and shaped.

What is Mindset?

A mindset is an individual’s view, a unique lens, on the world. Mindset is the attitude with which we approach situations in life. It is a state of mind based on personal beliefs. These beliefs guide our actions in life.

What is Skill Set?

A skill set is the set of skills that a person has developed to use in life. It is the combination of their knowledge and abilities they have developed through life and work.

What is Confidence?

Confidence is a feeling that is the outcome of Actions of Practice™, not a feeling you have before you practice.

Namita Prasad

Namita Prasad, is a Confidence Educator, entrepreneur, devoted mother, and esteemed author of the groundbreaking book "The Power of Why Not". This book stands at the forefront of the confidence revolution.

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ACM Impact 

At ACM, we’re on a mission to make meaningful, lasting change in the world, one confident child at a time. With the support of our Confidence Coaches, ACM schools throughout the world are empowering a generation of children who believe in themselves and are equipped with the necessary tools to become confident in any path they choose!


ACM provides schools and districts a common vocabulary, an easy-to-implement program, staff training, and mindset to teach confidence and empower students to have a why not approach to life.

How it Works

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