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ACM provides schools and districts a common vocabulary, an easy-to-implement
program, staff training, and mindset to teach confidence and
empower students to have a why not approach to life.


STEP 1 :


Once a school becomes a Partner School, they gain access to the ACM program, training, and philosophy. This includes staff-wide access to 30 ‘no-prep’ weeks of grade-level presentations, discussions and more. Weekly lessons also include parent correspondence.

STEP 2 :


Our 3-hour live virtual training equips teachers and staff with an in-depth understanding of ACM, strategies to redefine confidence and create a culture of confidence. School assigned Confidence Coaches receive an additional 3 hours of on-demand training.

STEP 3 :


Our easy-to-use weekly lessons provide teachers with scripts, videos, presentations, and all the tools needed to promote confidence in the classroom.

STEP 4 :


In addition to our live 3-hour training, ACM provides monthly live training and coaching opportunities at no additional cost. Also included is email support and guidance any time during the school year.


Schoolwide culture of confidence