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Giving the Gift of Confidence


Giving the Gift of Confidence

Our Mission

At ACM, we’re on a mission to make meaningful, lasting change in the world, one confident child at a time. With the support of our Confidence Coaches, ACM schools throughout the US are empowering a generation of children who believe in themselves and are equipped with the necessary tools to become confident in any path they choose! 

Our Progress

However, our team also believes that the gift of a confidence education should be accessible to every child. We believe that our programs should inspire and propel students forward in every corner of the world.

With this goal in mind, ACM has proudly paired with the Nkabom Sundrops Montessori School in Ghana to help bring unstoppable confidence to its students. Teachers and students at the Nkabom Sundrops Montessori School have been given the same groundbreaking resources and materials that are used by our US partner schools to begin their confidence journey.

Not only does this partnership provide an outlet for rich cultural exchange and connection within the ACM community, but it also brings our team one step closer to making impactful change on a global scale. We are honored to be giving the gift of confidence and know that together, we can build a confident world!